Totally totally AWESOME.

Legendary Street Fighter player, the best Urien in the world, RX (!!!!!!!!!) payed us a visit here in Brazil.

Maybe that’s why the Yun and the Yang of the world are really unbalanced. ūüôā

It was unbelievably good playing with him. He is on such a greater level of the game!

He’s mesmerizing to watch, he has extraordinary offense and defense, crazy combos, such elegant and precise execution! Plus, he is such a nice guy!

I was really happy I got the chance to play him in a tournament. At winner’s finals, even!

RX in Brazil.  Cruuuuush!

Oh, BTW, I gave him the Urien painting I posted some time ago. It’s been a while without posts, I know, but I’ve been busy… sorry.



Couple of those SF comissions

Thigh Spot

Another painting commissioned for a “Mirror Matches” Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Tournament. The players could only use Chun-li in this edition. I played in the tournament, and got second. Chun vs Chun matchup is such a nightmare to me… But I’m getting better! Learned a lot from this one. The winner was quite happy with his print (he would even buy one if he hadn’t won it already as the grand prize of the tournament)



Control I

A different kind of grafitti opens up a question: Is selective cleaning a crime?
Alexandre Orion was caught drawing on a tunnel in S√£o Paulo, but the police couldn’t charge him of anything for he wasn’t painting city property: he was drawing by cleaning the soot out of the tunnel’s walls.
Ended up on they cleaning the whole area on which Alexandre had drawn on, but since he continued drawing on the next few days at the walls that hadn’t been cleaned, the authorities decided to take drastic action and cleaned every tunnel on the city!

Clean grafitti… I think it’s a pretty cool inversion.
Paul “Moose” Curtis has even done it commercially for clients such as Ariel, Xbox, Big Brother and Smirnoff!


Director’s Cut

Urien Coppertone

Once again, another comission!
Except this time I won it! Yay!